Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So Mom and Dad came to visit...yippee! Their travels began with a safari at Notten's Private Game Reserve in Sabi Sands (right outside of Kruger National Park) where we sattled up in a Land Rover for early morning and evening game drives through the bush. We had superb sightings on every drive, and found every animal that we were promised (except hippos). To be honest, I was terrified the first day when we pulled up no more than 15 feet away from a rhino. But it only got more thrilling from there. We watched herds of elephants trample through the bush, ripping trees out of the ground while bellowing out their trunks. We sat 7 feet away from a pride of lions as they feasted on a fresh impala for dinner, and watched a hyena take its last few breaths after being killed by a lioness who was claiming dominence. To top it off, on our last night drive we witnessed a leapord attack an impala while he was distracted dueling heads with a fellow male impala. The leapord held him down with by biting into his neck for nearly 2 minutes, when out of the trees came a hyena, scaring the leapord, causing him to let lose and free the impala. What a sight!!! The impala's life was saved as the leapord walked home hungry. This was no Disney World. It was incredible!

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