Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Garden Route Easter Weekend

Last weekend 7 of my friends and I ventured out on a road trip along the Garden Route. We traveled east along the coast of the Indian Ocean and made stops at 3 bays for the four nights. Our first adventure was at Cango Caves, where the first cavemen lived on earth. We initially thought we were just going for a casual sightseeing walk and would be learning about rock formations and stalagmites/tites, all that wonderful stuff. Little did we know we'd be crawling through tunnels only inches larger than our bodies' circumfrence, using our stomach muscles to squirm along like worms. Luckily no one was claustrophobic.

On the road we ran into some ostrich farms and camels (which are not native to South Africa, but were imported for the sake of toursits going on camel rides).

That night we stayed in Knysna Bay. We had a wonderful feast of fresh seafood down on the waterfront and then went out to dance with the locals.

My favorite part of the trip was bungy jumping off the highest jump spot in the world!!!! It was absolutely terrifying. So much so that I tried to reach back and hold onto the guy as he pushed me off the edge. EEk! The freefall was a feeling that I can't describe; I literally came up speechless with a huge smile plastered on my face for a good 10 minutes. Incredible!

We bunked up in Plettenberg Bay for the following 2 nights. We relaxed a bit more, spending lots of time at the beach. We also went on a zip-line adventure, flying from tree to tree over a river and waterfalls. Now that we are all adrenaline junkies, we're trying to get a thrill any way we can. Unfortunately, nothing compares to jumping off tall bridges. I guess all that's left is base jumping, but that's just crazy.

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